Friday, November 5, 2010

Some more pics...and a new project!

So as promised here are some more pictures!

Here are the kids during Halloween!

My little Ninja....Hi-Yaa!!

My little ladybug...her first Halloween

My little Tinkerbell blowing a kiss :)

Little Ladybug standing

So every year for Christmas I try to make a bunch of Christmas gifts for the family. I like to make them, to me it keeps the true meaning going, and I truly enjoy it! Up to this point every Christmas, the items I have made have been well received so it brings me such enjoyment seeing the reactions of people enjoying home made items!

One item I had thought of making, my daughter and I did a trial run today...we made a sock monkey!! Kaylee helped every step of the way and had a great time doing it! However, the sample has already been claimed. Kaylee has already adopted it (this little monkey was adopted before we were even 1/2

For a first attempt, the monkey turned out rather well. I learned some tricks, and have come up with better ways to finish it off.  My son has already picked out socks for his monkey...which is now on the to do list for tomorrow :)

Here is the first one!!

To begin with we just had large sequins for the eyes, and then we glued little googly eyes on top.  I think I am going to try embroidery eyes next time and see how that turns out :)

Well, now time to go and make a candle mat. I have about a week to get it done before I need to send it off to my partner :)  And then, I think a few more of them will be made for some Christmas gifts!!

Have a good night all!!


Ivory Spring said...


Your quilt is absolutely lovely. I love the colors.

QuiltSue said...

I love the sock monkey, especially when he's standing with his arms crossed.