Monday, November 29, 2010

The Christmas Tree!

Last week we set up the Christmas Tree and then it was a couple of days later that we decorated the Christmas Tree. The tree is decorated with all hand colored ornaments that the kids made. I just love it! They also decorated the tree from top to bottom (with some help from me). And over all I must say they did a fantastic job!! I did have to move a few ornaments around but overall not to many at all!

The kids were full of smiles and they really did have a really great time. I had to go out and get a star for the top of the tree though. In previous years, we have used an Angel. BUT this year the kids have been watching Dora's Christmas Carol, and in it Swiper swipes the Christmas star from the tree. So the kids informed me that we needed a Christmas star! So, I ensured that they got their wish!!

We have 3 children, and so we put the Star on 3 We had the wee on "help" as it is her first Christmas...and that is what we had planned all along, that she would do that star as the other 2 were decorating the tree. Well, there were tears from the other 2, so we decided to let everyone help!

The wee miss adding an ornament. First Christmas for her!!

K getting an ornament ready to hang on the tree

Little mister hanging an ornament higher in the tree with help

K showing one of the ornaments. We wrote on the back of all the ornaments, who colored it and the date :)

K hanging an ornament higher up in the tree

Wee little miss helping put the star on the tree with daddy's help

K putting the star on the Tree with daddy's help

Little mister putting the star on the tree with daddy's help

The finished Tree, and the 3 wee ones!! Oh how I love this pic!
Ahhhh was great memories that have already been created this year!! Looking forward to making many more!!

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tiny said...

What have you made a beautiful Critsmas tree and how nice that everything is made by your children. Your photo's show a good family and your kids are so sweet!!!
Greatings Tiny