Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tomorrow...the fun begins!!

Make sure you all check back tomorrow. The Fall into Fall giveaway begins and I will be participating with this. So come on back to enter in, and also check all the other blogs that are participating in this fun!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

where is the time going??

Well it is almost the end of September! Just when I think things are going to slow down...nope...not in my world ;)

My babies are going to be 3 in the beginning of October!! 3 already!!!! So I have been trying to plan and prepare their party in the midst of everything else right now...I have just under 2 weeks until the party!! Have decided on the cakes for each of them....seeing they share a birthday we still want them to be individuals and have fun. I can not wait to make these 2 will be Tinkerbell, and the other will be Disney Cars!

So, I have been on a mission to scrub the house down from top to bottom this week, de-clutter and reorganize things. I am doing all of that during the day and then sewing, drafting, planning in the evenings!!

Now that sewing to do list is also growing. I sat down and wrote out my list. (I work better when I can visually see my list and then get to cross off tasks from my list). Well, that list alone is rather long, so I really need to sit and use all my sewing minutes wisely and see if I can sneak a few extra minutes in as well!!

So speaking of finding extra minutes, time to get off the computer and get some stuff done!!!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Nieces 1st Birthday.

Never got a chance yesterday to blog as I was up to my elbows in icing sugar. My youngest niece just turned 1 and I had to make her a special cake. So onto the pictures!!

Front view of the cake

Top view of the cake

These Angels I had crafted using fondant so they are 100% edible

Tree trunk is made from fondant, and leaves are fondant attached to wires
The cake was a huge success. I also made a "smash" cake for Teryn to eat/mash/smash....well she had fun with that, but overall not too much of a mess to clean up :)

Now off to get some ironing done (about 12 meters worth of fabric) and making a "to do" list this week for sewing projects. I have many things to complete this week, sneak peaks will follow!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Another day of baking...

Today is my youngest nieces first birthday. So I have been baking and prepping today and hanging out with the kids.  I was hoping to get lots done on the cake tonight but I am so darn tired after working until 10 and still fighting this terrible case of bronchitis.

So after thinking of the pros and cons, the only answer is to go to sleep and start early in the morning to get things done. With a fresh outlook and hopefully a good nights sleep, I should be able to get things done  in a few hours or so....fingers are crossed.

I will post pictures of the cake on Sundays post.

Hope everyone  has a fantastic weekend :D

Thursday, September 23, 2010

great finds!!

Today I just did a wee bit of cleaning and then a day out running errands with the kids. When I got in the van, I saw a sign for a yard sale...first word on the sign was FABRIC and other goodies. Well, that just peaked my curiosity, so before we went to do anything, off to go and check out what there was at the sale.   Woohooo I am telling you there was A LOT of fabric. The sale is going for the next 2 days too!! Well, I have been in search for some special fabric for a very special quilt. You know that fabric that jumps off the shelf and says "THIS IS IT". Well I found that fabric....7 yards of fabric was about $25.00 which I am super excited with. This special quilt is for my sister for her wedding. Her wedding colors are light blue and silver and the fabric I located was for the silver...WoOoT WoOooT.  I will take pictures of this fabulous find tomorrow in the daylight so you can see the true beauty, it glimmers :D  I also found a few other goodies, quilting ruler, quilting pens/pencils and some other fabric!

Never did actually sew but I certainly did get things accomplished so that is good for me.

Oh yes, I also wanted to share with all of you that Millie over at Millie's Quilting is having a GO!tastic give away!  So if you are interested in winning one of those wonderful GO! Cutters, GO and visit Millie!

Well off to rest for a wee bit!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

#50...already at blog post #50...WOW

Hello all my blogging buddies!!

Thank you for reading my blog and thank you for following me :) Today is post #50!! This post came rather quickly once I really started blogging on a regular basis! Can not wait for #100!!!

Today I managed to get a fair amount of sewing done! I have almost finished part 3 of the Ladybug in Polka Dotville Quilt -Along. I was hoping to get it finished tonight but the youngest daughter has other plans in store for me late this evening...and it is not sewing ;)

I was going to wait to post a picture of the progress that I have made, but figured I will share what I have done today. When I started I only had a portion of part 1 completed, so made fairly good progress today!

Not the best picture but it gives a bit of an idea of how it is coming along. 
I am thinking that this would look amazing in solid colors too!! May do that one next as this quilt goes together really quickly!

Tomorrow, I plan on getting the 2 sides pieced and put onto the quilt top :)

I also joined a swap today. Its a Candle Mat Swap hosted by Michele at the Quilting Gallery.  You can join the fun as registrations are open until October 5!  Go and take a look and sign up, who knows I may be your secret partner in this swap :)
Candle Mat Swap

Well time to go and see if I can get the littlest miss back to bed!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Give aways!

I wanted to share some giveaways that I have come across with the blogs that follow :)

Quilt Times has a giveaway ending on September 25th.  Its so worth checking out, I know I would be so so excited to have my name picked for this one :)

Julie at Jaybird Quilts is having a sponsored giveaway (Green Fairy Quilts), and oh my oh my, those goodies are wonderful!! If my name were picked here too well I would be a very happy girl too :)

And remember Oct 1, there is going to be lots of giveaways listed as Fall in to Fall Quilter Bloggers Giveaway begins. For any bloggers out there, there is still time to join in on the fun. Just hop on over and sign up :)

Now off to get some sewing done!!! WOoooHOooo

Monday, September 20, 2010

Give away in the near future!

Debi, over at Quilting with Debi is hosting a Fall in Fall bloggers giveaway! What is this?? Several bloggers are joining in on this and listing giveaways October 1st, and draws will take place October 15th and winners will be announced then.

I am excited to say that I am going to participate in this. This will be my very first give away, how fun is this!! So I have been going around collecting goodies, looking through my stash. Still have to decide how many prizes there will be.  Make sure you check back October 1st for all the fun!

If you want to see who else is signing up to participate, or want to join in the fun yourself, click on the scarecrow on the right side of my page and it will take you right to where you need to go :)

Hope you all have a fun filled Monday!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Quiet weekend....

A few days ago I began feeling under the weather. I figured that it was due to being so tired.  Well, Friday I began to feel even worse, Saturday woke up feeling a bit worse and sore ribs from coughing. This morning I woke up feeling terrible. Worst I have felt in a long time. My ribs are terribly sore from coughing...picking up me wee little one sends sharp pains :( Luckily I have been able to rest most of the day. Had one on one time with each of the girls, why little mister had fun with daddy.

No sitting and sewing, but I have managed to pin together blocks to sew together when I am back to feeling better!!

Off to make a "to do" list for this week to keep me on track, focused and to get stuff done!!!

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

how lovely these Roses are. They just make me smile!

Christine :)

Saturday, September 18, 2010


As you all know I was super busy this week baking cakes and decorating them. Well I can now post pictures of the cakes!!

So all of these........

16 cakes leveled and ready to be put together
Turned into these...........

The wedding cake
The Birthday cake. Around the base of all tiers are gumballs!
The wedding cake, the bride sent me a picture and I am not sure where she found it. The birthday cake was seen here, and was sent to me requesting that it be close to that one. Both parties were happy with their cakes :)

Now back to sewing for a few more days until I get ready to make my nieces 1st Birthday cake for next weekend :)

Friday, September 17, 2010

wanted to post yesterday but lots going on!!

These were for me :)

These were delivered to me yesterday for my birthday and they were from my husband and my children!! Pictures are nice but they are so much more beautiful in person and I get to stare at them everyday :) My birthday was full of surprises. The flowers, my mom just showed up for a visit. My hubby's mom came over and we ordered Chinese food for dinner (and I must say I was quite the little piggy but it was soooo good!). I got happy birthday said to me several times throughout the day from the twins :) I went to the LQS and bought 2 new books (will post pics tomorrow) and some FQ's for a giveaway that will be coming up very soon :D

It was a busy day yesterday working on both of the cakes that I had to have completed. I did all the baking on Wednesday and here is what my table looked like once the cakes were cooled and leveled and ready to be iced and stacked.
16 cakes leveled and ready to be stacked and iced
Pictures of the cakes will be posted tomorrow so there will be no surprises ruined. But I will tell you, I think that they turned out really well. The birthday cake was picked up and was loved!! And the Bride to be, seemed to be happy, but she was also very stressed when I arrived to set up the cake.

Now on to some sewing fun :)  Before the baking marathon began, I did manage to get some sewing done for the quilt along hosted by Wendy over at Ivory Springs and Rjr Fabrics. I am hoping to get all caught up in the next few days as Wendy has posted part 3 today, and I am still on part 1!!! That being said, here is what I have gotten done so far :)
a few of the blocks placed together to see what it looks like. I do have all 30 ready to be sewn together
I am pleased with the way that these are looking so far, and getting very excited to see the rest of them and the next 2 steps together!

Well, I am now going to finish my glass of wine, look at my new books while relaxing on the couch with my feet up....ahhhhh what a great feeling. The question is, how long will my eyes be open for :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Busy Busy Busy...

Today is a no sewing day, but had been crazy busy!! I have been baking since 8am this morning and I am happy to say all cakes are done....16 pans of cakes...phew!!! I only need 16 of those, but there was extra batter so I bake that up!!

I am going to rest for a bit, then work from 530-10. Then back home and will be working into the wee hours of the morning to get things done with out the help of my wee little ones!!

Hope you are all having a wonderful productive day :D

Monday, September 13, 2010

does this count?

So I am trying to commit to sewing for 15 mins every day. Well, this week, that just is not an option.  With making 2 cakes this week, my sewing area becomes my cake area. And to be honest I really do not want to get cake, shortening, icing, or coloring on any of the fabrics I am working with right now.  BUT last night I ended up getting in 2 1/2 hours of sewing...yay for me :) I may get some time in tomorrow, but Wednesday and Thursday, there is no way!

Well kids were up at 7, I worked from 530-10 and I better get off of the computer so I can g and get some cleaning and other things done that still need doing. Hopefully I can get it all done and not be up until 2am ;)

At least next week is looking so much better so relaxation...WOoooHOoooo!!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

when you are rested, it is amazing what you can do!!

Hello all my blogging buddies!!

Yesterday I hardly did anything as I was feeling so run down and not feeling  all that great! Well after sleeping a good portion of the day and then a good nights sleep, I feel so so so much better :)

I was up early and decided to make the kids pancakes for breakfast, then went to the close grocery store to pick up an couple items for a trial run of a cake. It was a white chocolate cake, and it turned out pretty good, just next time I will add more chocolate than the recipe suggests.  I have 2 cakes I will be making this week, 1 wedding cake and one topsy turvy type birthday cake. So I need the white chocolate for the birthday cake.

I also managed to clean out the back of the van (was getting full of Christmas shopping....yup I said those words!) Go to the store again and pick up all the ingredients and supplies for both cakes (and had one on one time with my oldest daughter for this, and she was so excited), mowed the lawn, played with the kids, cooked supper with the help from my husband and a few loads of laundry..phew I am tired just writing all of that!!

I also have been trying to color set some fabric I picked up for nighties for my girls and nieces and a few other people. I have the blue and yellow done, and working on the pink....oh that pink (this one has been the worst of them all).

The kids are finally all asleep so now I am going to break out the sewing machine and get some stuff done...wooohoo!

Hope that you all have had a great Sunday!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

what a day!

My youngest daughter was up a good portion of last night :( I really dislike teething!!

Needless to say I was super tired this morning. I was lucky that my husband got up with the kids and let me sleep in. At 11am I got up and was still super tired, and felt absolutely rotten. I ended up actually falling back to sleep until 3pm!!

I made it to work from 530-10 and got home with a terrible Sadly there will be no sewing for me today, however was was dreaming that I did get a new wonderful sewing machine ;)

I am hoping to feel much better tomorrow and get many things caught up and finished!! But for now I am off to bed to yet again get more sleep!! Night all!
Today I got some stuff done, I fussy cut some Santas for a Santa block swap. They have to be in the mail Wednesday. Now I am just going to add fabrics around the Santas and square them up!!

I will post pictures tomorrow of my Santas!

My exciting news,for me anyways, is we finally got our dishwasher fixed!! Been broken for over a year and a half! We ran it through once and no leaks...woohoo!!this is going

to be such a treat for me :)

Friday, September 10, 2010

making progress....

well day 2 and still on track :)

I did not get as much done as I had hoped but still managed to get some things accomplished. It was a busy day, the kids had a check up, then we did some errands, visited my husband at work, and then attended first Quilt Guild meeting of the year!

It sounds like this year is going to be an amazing year...guest speakers, a monthly block lottery, a Christmas challenge, classes to be offered, and a quilting retreat if you want!! WOooHOooo what a great year it will be!

So I am participating in this months block lottery, Christmas challenge and waiting to hear about a couple of the classes.

Tomorrow I have nothing on the calendar so hopefully I will  get several things caught up!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Yay Day 1 has been wonderful

So, I must say this has been a pretty fantastic day!

I went and found a few more pieces of fabric for the quilt along with Ivory Springs. As soon as I saw the quilt, I knew I wanted to use black and whites with pop of red! So here is what I am working with right now:
black and whites, and the red for the ladybugs
I managed to get the 30 4 1/2" squares cut out, and the 60 2 1/2" squares cut out. Tomorrow will be marking the 2 1/2" squares and maybe some sewing. 

Most of the fabrics are just black and white, except for one, which I am thinking will make an amazing border. Here is a close up of that one, it has a bit of red in it. Sorry the picture is not that great though:
I like that the centers of the flowers are red :)
and well this was just fitting for this project as well, I could not resist!
these ladybugs were just too cute to pass up!

So, tomorrow my goal will be to mark the 2 1/2" squares, or at least some of them! It will be a busy day tomorrow with errands in the morning, and first Quilt Guild Meeting in the evening!! I am looking forward to tomorrow evening and seeing all of my fellow quilting friends that I have not seen since June!!

Talk to you all tomorrow for Day 2!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

new goals

So I have decided to set some new goals for myself. I think it should be easy, but then again that is hard to say.

So these are the goals that I am beginning with:
1. To blog everyday.
2. Sew for 15 minutes everyday. Now this can be cutting pinning, ironing, anything related to a project
3.Make to do lists that are reasonable for each day

So to be accountable, tomorrow, I am going to iron the fabric I am using for the quilt along hosted by Ivory Springs and Rjr fabrics. I am also going to try to get all the squares cut for the first step in the quilt along.  If I can manage to get more done that would be great!

I am hoping that by maintaining these goals, I should be able to get many things done, which will be fantastic!!

So here goes nothing, tomorrow will be day 1 :)

Monday, September 6, 2010

floors, my baby, and projects.

Since we moved into our new home a few years ago, I had never liked our flooring. The linoleum in the kitchen, hallways and bathrooms was not appealing to me. Here is a bit of a look of our floor:

flooring that I am not to fond of
I have looked around and found some beautiful flooring, but was out of my price range. Or when I found my price range, nothing appealed to me. And I refuse to pay money for something that I am not happy with.  Well, I finally found something that I LOVE and it is in my price range too!! So today I went and picked up 22 boxes of tiles! Enough to cover 990 sq ft! I am so excited. Now I just need my hubby to take the kids out for an entire day so I can get to work!! I am the one that does all the handy work around the house, and proud of it!  I can not wait to get it all in....weeeee so excited. So here is the new tiles that will be going in...what do you all think??

New flooring (and this picture does not do any justice to it!

My little girl is growing up so fast. She was 8 months old yesterday! She has been crawling now for almost 2 months, she pulls herself up into standing position against all the furniture, trying to stand completely independently, and is now teething. Oh they grow up so fast!!

I am getting ready to start a new quilt along hosted by Wendy over at Ivory Springs and Rjr Fabrics! It is a adorable little quilt and I love ladybugs, so very perfect to make!! There is also a button on the right side of my page to take you to Ivory Springs to participate!!

I must also add that I am still working on the quilt along "A Summer Star Sampler" hosted by Bradie over at "A Quilty kind of Girl Designs"

I am hoping to finish up A Summer Star Sampler and keep on top of the new quilt along! And in between all of that, work on some projects for Christmas and I would like to have products ready for some Christmas craft fairs this year...lots to do and keep me busy!

Hope you all have a GREAT day!