Sunday, September 12, 2010

when you are rested, it is amazing what you can do!!

Hello all my blogging buddies!!

Yesterday I hardly did anything as I was feeling so run down and not feeling  all that great! Well after sleeping a good portion of the day and then a good nights sleep, I feel so so so much better :)

I was up early and decided to make the kids pancakes for breakfast, then went to the close grocery store to pick up an couple items for a trial run of a cake. It was a white chocolate cake, and it turned out pretty good, just next time I will add more chocolate than the recipe suggests.  I have 2 cakes I will be making this week, 1 wedding cake and one topsy turvy type birthday cake. So I need the white chocolate for the birthday cake.

I also managed to clean out the back of the van (was getting full of Christmas shopping....yup I said those words!) Go to the store again and pick up all the ingredients and supplies for both cakes (and had one on one time with my oldest daughter for this, and she was so excited), mowed the lawn, played with the kids, cooked supper with the help from my husband and a few loads of laundry..phew I am tired just writing all of that!!

I also have been trying to color set some fabric I picked up for nighties for my girls and nieces and a few other people. I have the blue and yellow done, and working on the pink....oh that pink (this one has been the worst of them all).

The kids are finally all asleep so now I am going to break out the sewing machine and get some stuff done...wooohoo!

Hope that you all have had a great Sunday!!

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emerson-j said...

ur very good with ur xmas shopping, theres not long to go really i must do some!!