Friday, September 17, 2010

wanted to post yesterday but lots going on!!

These were for me :)

These were delivered to me yesterday for my birthday and they were from my husband and my children!! Pictures are nice but they are so much more beautiful in person and I get to stare at them everyday :) My birthday was full of surprises. The flowers, my mom just showed up for a visit. My hubby's mom came over and we ordered Chinese food for dinner (and I must say I was quite the little piggy but it was soooo good!). I got happy birthday said to me several times throughout the day from the twins :) I went to the LQS and bought 2 new books (will post pics tomorrow) and some FQ's for a giveaway that will be coming up very soon :D

It was a busy day yesterday working on both of the cakes that I had to have completed. I did all the baking on Wednesday and here is what my table looked like once the cakes were cooled and leveled and ready to be iced and stacked.
16 cakes leveled and ready to be stacked and iced
Pictures of the cakes will be posted tomorrow so there will be no surprises ruined. But I will tell you, I think that they turned out really well. The birthday cake was picked up and was loved!! And the Bride to be, seemed to be happy, but she was also very stressed when I arrived to set up the cake.

Now on to some sewing fun :)  Before the baking marathon began, I did manage to get some sewing done for the quilt along hosted by Wendy over at Ivory Springs and Rjr Fabrics. I am hoping to get all caught up in the next few days as Wendy has posted part 3 today, and I am still on part 1!!! That being said, here is what I have gotten done so far :)
a few of the blocks placed together to see what it looks like. I do have all 30 ready to be sewn together
I am pleased with the way that these are looking so far, and getting very excited to see the rest of them and the next 2 steps together!

Well, I am now going to finish my glass of wine, look at my new books while relaxing on the couch with my feet up....ahhhhh what a great feeling. The question is, how long will my eyes be open for :)


Barb said...

Happy Birthday!!! Sounds like your family took good care of you!

Christine said...

Thank you Barb! I was one lucky lady yesterday and it was so nice and relaxing!!

Ivory Spring said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Christine.

The ladybugs quilt looks great so far!! :)

Christine said...

Thank you Wendy! I can not wait to get the top all completed :)