Monday, September 6, 2010

floors, my baby, and projects.

Since we moved into our new home a few years ago, I had never liked our flooring. The linoleum in the kitchen, hallways and bathrooms was not appealing to me. Here is a bit of a look of our floor:

flooring that I am not to fond of
I have looked around and found some beautiful flooring, but was out of my price range. Or when I found my price range, nothing appealed to me. And I refuse to pay money for something that I am not happy with.  Well, I finally found something that I LOVE and it is in my price range too!! So today I went and picked up 22 boxes of tiles! Enough to cover 990 sq ft! I am so excited. Now I just need my hubby to take the kids out for an entire day so I can get to work!! I am the one that does all the handy work around the house, and proud of it!  I can not wait to get it all in....weeeee so excited. So here is the new tiles that will be going in...what do you all think??

New flooring (and this picture does not do any justice to it!

My little girl is growing up so fast. She was 8 months old yesterday! She has been crawling now for almost 2 months, she pulls herself up into standing position against all the furniture, trying to stand completely independently, and is now teething. Oh they grow up so fast!!

I am getting ready to start a new quilt along hosted by Wendy over at Ivory Springs and Rjr Fabrics! It is a adorable little quilt and I love ladybugs, so very perfect to make!! There is also a button on the right side of my page to take you to Ivory Springs to participate!!

I must also add that I am still working on the quilt along "A Summer Star Sampler" hosted by Bradie over at "A Quilty kind of Girl Designs"

I am hoping to finish up A Summer Star Sampler and keep on top of the new quilt along! And in between all of that, work on some projects for Christmas and I would like to have products ready for some Christmas craft fairs this year...lots to do and keep me busy!

Hope you all have a GREAT day!


emerson-j said...

definately like the new flooring better! my 8mth old still just sits, she wont roll, crawl or nothing!!

Barb said...

Just love your new tiles.....and what a difference it will make.