Thursday, September 9, 2010

Yay Day 1 has been wonderful

So, I must say this has been a pretty fantastic day!

I went and found a few more pieces of fabric for the quilt along with Ivory Springs. As soon as I saw the quilt, I knew I wanted to use black and whites with pop of red! So here is what I am working with right now:
black and whites, and the red for the ladybugs
I managed to get the 30 4 1/2" squares cut out, and the 60 2 1/2" squares cut out. Tomorrow will be marking the 2 1/2" squares and maybe some sewing. 

Most of the fabrics are just black and white, except for one, which I am thinking will make an amazing border. Here is a close up of that one, it has a bit of red in it. Sorry the picture is not that great though:
I like that the centers of the flowers are red :)
and well this was just fitting for this project as well, I could not resist!
these ladybugs were just too cute to pass up!

So, tomorrow my goal will be to mark the 2 1/2" squares, or at least some of them! It will be a busy day tomorrow with errands in the morning, and first Quilt Guild Meeting in the evening!! I am looking forward to tomorrow evening and seeing all of my fellow quilting friends that I have not seen since June!!

Talk to you all tomorrow for Day 2!!


Ivory Spring said...

Oh my goodness! These fabrics are absolutely darling! Love love love that ladybug fabric!!!! I can't wait to see the quilt put together.

Eileen said...

i'm using black and whites at least for the center. not sure what i'll do for the outer squares. have a black with colorful dots and small circles on it for the inside border...just have to see, but i like the idea of black and white for all or most of it, too.

Christine said...

Eileen, I can not wait to see yours!