Monday, August 30, 2010

New Look! and more!

Well, I as mentioned in my previous post I have joined a blog hop. After joining I thought that this would be a great time to give my blog makeover! What do you all think?? I would love to hear your thoughts!!

Yesterday, my daughter and I made her a new nightgown (with the fabric used, it could be a nice simple dress as well). I had looked all over for one and never had any luck so we created one. She had fun helping and it was a quick project, from start to finish it took 2 hours :)

Here she is modeling her outfit!
Little miss, she is so sweet and proud of herself
I love this on her and the fabric is so soft BUT the color bleeds, so my next question to all of you is what do you do to set the color in the fabric. I would really not like everything to be blue. (I also have this fabric in pink and yellow for more of these for my nieces and I am sure their moms would not like me too much if all their laundry changed colors!)

So, I have been working on some projects, I will give a sneak peak but will have to elaborate later!

it will be scrappy, but this one was a practice run!

It has been a busy productive weekend and the last thing that was completed was my husbands website. What do you all think??

Hope you all have a GREAT day!

Something new to me! Joined a Blog Hop!!

Well, I have been wanting to see more blogs out in blogging world, and  I have been hoping that more people would love to read my blog. So I have jumped on and joined the blog hop.

All blogs will have thumbnails linking to all the blogs participating in the hop. (Mine are on the right side of my blog). You can just click on the thumbnail and away you go!

I am so excited to read through all of the blogs and follow them, and I am hoping that I will get more followers to my little blog (I heart followers!) So feel free to follow me :)

Sit back, grab something to drink and enjoy the blog hop!

Also, feel free to join the blog hop, the more the merrier :)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

WOOHOO another GO! Giveaway!!

wooohooo I am so excited to be able to enter into another GO! Giveaway!! If you want a chance to win one of these too head on over to Freckled Whimsy and check it out!! Oh I would love one of these, the things to create are endless :D

Monday, August 23, 2010

AccuQuilt GO! Give-aways!!!

So I really like these GO! cutters. I would have so much fun with one of these. And to be honest with my 3 kids, it would be such an amazing time saver for me. Well, there are some give-aways happening and lucky us, they are for the GO! Cutter :D

Jackie over at Canton Village Quilt Works, is having one of these wonderful give-aways! Also, Sweet P Quilting and Creations is giving away a GO! cutter! Hop on over to these amazing blogs and take a look. I wish you all good luck, but my fingers are crossed that my name gets picked :)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Holidays, kids, projects, oh my!

A week away from September already! It has been a crazy but good summer! We have been fortunate enough to have a beautiful summer this year, not too cold or hot, just a nice balance.

For a week we joined some very good friends of ours at their lake house in B.C. It was a wonderful time, the weather was hot, the beach was beautiful, meals were tasty and the kids had a great time. While we were there, some shopping in quilt shops was a must and I found some lovely items.

This is a placemat kit I picked up. The picture is in the top right corner. I just love these fabrics!!

And then I found this adorable pattern for a growth chart and some Best Press starch!

There were so many other goodies that I found and wanted to bring home, but I was a good girl :)

Projects, there have been a few that I have been busy with, and now a few more on the go.

I made this wedding cake for some friends of mine. They got married at the beginning of July! The bride had given me some roses, but I still had to hand craft a good amount to cover this cake. It was a beautiful cake, and I had fun making this one!!

I also participated in a siggy block swap hosted by Julie at Jaybird Quilts. I had so much fun participating in this swap. These are the 101 blocks that I mailed out, to be sorted. I have received back my selection of blocks, all are different and absolutely gorgeous!

I made these decorative album covers for my cousins. My husband took all of their wedding pictures, and I must say they are amazing!! It is great to be married to a photographer!! But we thought it would be nice to have a stunning album for the stunning pictures. So these are what I made!

I also signed up for needle case swap hosted by Michele at the Quilting Gallery. I sent the needle case I made to my partner in Holland. This is what it looked like when I was finished!

I am getting ready to make a few nightgowns and some other projects that are floating around in my mind, and then participate in a few quilt-alongs!!

Now, all of these intentions are good, but it will be dependent on my wonderful children. They seem to like all of my attention :)