Monday, June 28, 2010

What a great feeling!!

The other day I posted I had won a prize from Rjr fabrics for a contest in making a 3D fabric flower. Well I am so happy to say that I had asked Rjr if they would so kindly send the beautiful bag to another lady who had participated in the challenge.

I had read that Mary's husband had been in the ICU for a bit. Although he is doing much better, I know that times like that are draining, scary and overwhelming. I also know that sometimes, unexpected things can bring a big smile and make someones day. And this is what I had hoped would happen!!

Glad you have received the bag already Mary, enjoy :)

I have to admit, giving this to Mary has truly made my day!! There are times when winning is not in the receiving, but in the giving, and this is truly one of those moments :) What a GREAT feeling!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Where did June go?

Seriously we are already at the end of June!! Between graduations, year end concerts, weddings, yard work, nice weather and being a busy mom the month has just zoomed by!!!

Despite of how busy things have been around here, I have still managed to get quite a bit accomplished :)

First of all, a bit of an update from my last post. The contest that I entered, I won!! I was very excited to have as many votes as I did! When my package arrived from Rjr, I was so excited and surprised. A beautiful Fat Quarter bundle of their Summer Solstice line!! Oh it is so pretty! I love all the bright colors! Not sure what will be created yet with these beauties but I know I will have fun using them!!

Awhile back I joined a quilting forum called the Quilting Board. I love this Forum, all the people are so nice and very helpful. At this forum I joined in on a siggy block swap. There were 174 participants in this swap and people from all over the world. I thought that this would be so much fun and I was correct!! I am looking forward to getting my package back with all of the different blocks!!

Here are the blocks that I sent in! All 174 of them!!

Then for fathers day, the kids and I got creative and made a fathers day gift! The kids had so much fun and they thought it was neat coloring on a t-shirt (not usually allowed here as they think it is great coloring on everything!). Each of the kids also made a personalized fathers day card that they each gave to daddy Fathers Day morning. They were so excited!!!

This is the shirt that we made! Just wish I had remembered to add the date to this for a keepsake later on...oh well!

Rjr fabrics on their Facebook page held another contest. The rules for this one was it had to be a 3D flower using Rjr Fabrics of your choice. As soon as I read the rules I knew what I was going to attemp...I really wanted to make a 3D rose.

After 1 day of voting the results were in, and the verdict was.....I won!!!!!! The prize that came along with this contest was this fabulous bag!! With this prize I decided to do something special with it, but you all will have to wait to hear about that for a wee bit so no surprises will be ruined!

I have also managed to get siggy blocks completed and mailed for another siggy block swap, got a bit more done on my hubby's quilt (yup still tackling that one) and have a few things in the beginning stages to start working on, and a few ideas floating around of a few things I would like to make.

As you can see, June has been busy but productive! It has been great to cross off some things from that "to do" list :)

Now back to work to finish up a few more things!