Monday, June 28, 2010

What a great feeling!!

The other day I posted I had won a prize from Rjr fabrics for a contest in making a 3D fabric flower. Well I am so happy to say that I had asked Rjr if they would so kindly send the beautiful bag to another lady who had participated in the challenge.

I had read that Mary's husband had been in the ICU for a bit. Although he is doing much better, I know that times like that are draining, scary and overwhelming. I also know that sometimes, unexpected things can bring a big smile and make someones day. And this is what I had hoped would happen!!

Glad you have received the bag already Mary, enjoy :)

I have to admit, giving this to Mary has truly made my day!! There are times when winning is not in the receiving, but in the giving, and this is truly one of those moments :) What a GREAT feeling!!

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Ivory Spring said...

Congrats on winning the RJR giveaway.... I love working with RJR fabrics! :)