Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Hi Everyone!

Here it is. My quilt entry into the McCall Design Star Challenge.
Star Burst

This quilt has about 1600 pieces. There are 7-12" Amish Star Blocks, and 36- 6" Amish Star Blocks. I was given a total of 27 days to design, cut and sew this quilt top. I am so darn happy how it turned out. This picture does no justice to the colors in this quilt!

Here is a link to the quilts in the amateur category in case you would like to vote! And the direct link to my quilt is to the right :)

Hope you all like it!!


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Design Stars!

I have been busily working on my quilt top for the McCalls Quilt Design Star Challenge 1! Voting for Challenge 1 Starts June 19th! You will be able to check things out here

Here is a wee sneak peek of what I am working with!
lots of pieces cut out and ready to be sewn

some pieces sewn together

a bucket full of chained pieces

Final quilt top will be shown early next week!! I have to have it submitted by June 17th, and voting will start June 19th. I am so excited to share this with everyone!!

With myself being busy designing, cutting, sewing my little sweeties had to join in on the fun. The pictures say it all!!

See my little design stars at work!! I am so very proud of them!!

playing around with the layout of charm squares

put her layout on a towel and rolled it up until we were ready to sew, she is carefully bringing it  to the table to start sewing now

sewing pieces together

carefully ensuring the seams are straight

some intense focus

Very proud girl with her finished quilt top. Pretty darn good for a 4 year old!!

getting ready to sew

sewing pieces together

such intense focus!!

Very proud boy with his finished quilt top!  Pretty good for first quilt and being 4 years old!
It has been a few really busy weeks! And while all of this has going on, there has also been some birthday parties, a wedding and the flu!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!!