Wednesday, September 22, 2010

#50...already at blog post #50...WOW

Hello all my blogging buddies!!

Thank you for reading my blog and thank you for following me :) Today is post #50!! This post came rather quickly once I really started blogging on a regular basis! Can not wait for #100!!!

Today I managed to get a fair amount of sewing done! I have almost finished part 3 of the Ladybug in Polka Dotville Quilt -Along. I was hoping to get it finished tonight but the youngest daughter has other plans in store for me late this evening...and it is not sewing ;)

I was going to wait to post a picture of the progress that I have made, but figured I will share what I have done today. When I started I only had a portion of part 1 completed, so made fairly good progress today!

Not the best picture but it gives a bit of an idea of how it is coming along. 
I am thinking that this would look amazing in solid colors too!! May do that one next as this quilt goes together really quickly!

Tomorrow, I plan on getting the 2 sides pieced and put onto the quilt top :)

I also joined a swap today. Its a Candle Mat Swap hosted by Michele at the Quilting Gallery.  You can join the fun as registrations are open until October 5!  Go and take a look and sign up, who knows I may be your secret partner in this swap :)
Candle Mat Swap

Well time to go and see if I can get the littlest miss back to bed!!


Mary Grace McNamara said...

Your quilt is coming along! I joined the Candle Mat swap too...I love Sandi's designs! It should be a fun one!


Ivory Spring said...

Coming along very nicely, Christine - love the black/white combo!

Christine said...

Thank you Mary Grace and Wendy :) This is out of my comfort zone for me. I find it really busy, where I am more accustomed to softer patterns. That being said I am so proud that I am doing something so different!! Challenges are good :D

Mary said...

How dramatic! I love it!