Tuesday, September 28, 2010

where is the time going??

Well it is almost the end of September! Just when I think things are going to slow down...nope...not in my world ;)

My babies are going to be 3 in the beginning of October!! 3 already!!!! So I have been trying to plan and prepare their party in the midst of everything else right now...I have just under 2 weeks until the party!! Have decided on the cakes for each of them....seeing they share a birthday we still want them to be individuals and have fun. I can not wait to make these 2 cakes...one will be Tinkerbell, and the other will be Disney Cars!

So, I have been on a mission to scrub the house down from top to bottom this week, de-clutter and reorganize things. I am doing all of that during the day and then sewing, drafting, planning in the evenings!!

Now that sewing to do list is also growing. I sat down and wrote out my list. (I work better when I can visually see my list and then get to cross off tasks from my list). Well, that list alone is rather long, so I really need to sit and use all my sewing minutes wisely and see if I can sneak a few extra minutes in as well!!

So speaking of finding extra minutes, time to get off the computer and get some stuff done!!!

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