Thursday, September 23, 2010

great finds!!

Today I just did a wee bit of cleaning and then a day out running errands with the kids. When I got in the van, I saw a sign for a yard sale...first word on the sign was FABRIC and other goodies. Well, that just peaked my curiosity, so before we went to do anything, off to go and check out what there was at the sale.   Woohooo I am telling you there was A LOT of fabric. The sale is going for the next 2 days too!! Well, I have been in search for some special fabric for a very special quilt. You know that fabric that jumps off the shelf and says "THIS IS IT". Well I found that fabric....7 yards of fabric was about $25.00 which I am super excited with. This special quilt is for my sister for her wedding. Her wedding colors are light blue and silver and the fabric I located was for the silver...WoOoT WoOooT.  I will take pictures of this fabulous find tomorrow in the daylight so you can see the true beauty, it glimmers :D  I also found a few other goodies, quilting ruler, quilting pens/pencils and some other fabric!

Never did actually sew but I certainly did get things accomplished so that is good for me.

Oh yes, I also wanted to share with all of you that Millie over at Millie's Quilting is having a GO!tastic give away!  So if you are interested in winning one of those wonderful GO! Cutters, GO and visit Millie!

Well off to rest for a wee bit!!


Kayne Mitchell said...

You spelled piqued wrong :p

Christine said...

Well, you are right...where were you last night to correct it before I hit the publish button :P