Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I am back!!

For the last little while I have seemed to have lost my motivation. Things were taking me much longer to do, I was tired.  It just seemed like the to do list was growing and growing, yet nothing was getting done. Well, that is over :) I have been on a roll lately....and it feels GREAT!!!!!!!!!!

I have managed to rearrange the living room, which also resulted in a good thorough cleaning, I have set up the Christmas Tree (will be decorating it Thursday evening with the kids), getting some baking done AND have gotten some prep work done for sewing projects....WOOOOooooHOoooooo!!!!!!!  I have more prep work that needs to be done for some more projects but I managed to get fabric cut or 7 items to be made....and what a relief that is!  Hopefully this weekend I will be able to go to my moms (without all the kids) and get full day of sewing in....ohhhh how wonderful that would be :)

The other day I received a wonderful package in the mail,  it was the candle mat from my secret partner.  Oh is it  ever FABULOUS!! The colors, the quilting, just everything about it!!! And also in the package was a pillow pincushion...absolutely AMAZING!  I had the package opened for maybe 2 minutes and my daughter grabbed the candle mat and tried to claim it as a blanket for herself, and my son took the pillow. They LOVE them too :) Sadly, I have not taken pictures of these gorgeous items yet, but I will tomorrow and post a picture for you all to see :)

Well I am off to rest a wee bit before bed, but just wanted to say 32 more sleeps till Christmas....Yippee!!!!!! I am so so excited!!!


quiltingnana said...

glad you are back Happy Thanksgiving

tiny said...

Ho Christine, I recieve your Candle mat today, and I love it, also your gift is beautiful. Thanks !!
I read your post and the motivation er sometime lost, but your er back. Have a nice weekend with your mom (without Kids)
I signed in as follower.
Lots of quilthugs Tiny