Sunday, November 7, 2010

ahhhh that time of year :(

Well, I believe the flu bug has decided to take residence on our home :( My youngest has had a fever and been sick, and the twins have been off and rather irritable as well.  Needless to say I really did not get anything done today. However, I did get lots and lots of cuddles from all 3 little ones (and those are the best).

My son found his sock monkey on his chair at the table for breakfast this morning. I was lying in bed (hubby got up with the kids) and all I heard was..."MY SOCK MONKEY!!!!!!!!! Mommy finished my sock monkey!!" The sound of pure excitement and happiness was truly wonderful! I am so happy that my children really enjoy homemade items!! Oh how I love them to bits!

Well, here is to hoping that this mommy is able to get some sleep tonight and all 3 little ones wake up feeling much much better!!!

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Ivory Spring said...

I do hope you got some rest, Christine!! I was up all night two nights ago with my little one too.