Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Woohoo, got some work done!

Last night, I actually got some time in on Kayne's wall hanging. For this project, he saw a picture that he fell in love with from the book "Asian Elegance Quilting with Japanese Fabrics and More" By Kitty Pippen and Sylvia Pippen.

I looked for a pattern, but then Kayne decided that he wanted it to go into our room, and put it on the wall above the bed, as result I have to make it much bigger than what the picture was. So I found some fabrics, all satiny in texture, and I have begun to cut them out with heat and bond light on the back. As the picture is rather abstract, I decided to applique the entire thing. I am now trying to position all the pieces onto the background fabric so it is just right. This seems to be a bit more of a challenge than I had actually anticipated. I have added another color into it, to break things up. But I find that for me the hardest part is making it abstract. I like things to be balanced and equal, where this project is not that way. This project is definitely taking me out of my comfort zone!!

I do have about 1/2 pinned in place right now and I am happy with it so far, but that can still change...I think things will be changed a few times before I am competely happy with it. Then to just stitch it all, so some sashiko on it, and then quilt and bond it! Hmmmm, not sure if it will be ready for our anniversary! (But I should have at least the top done for him to see :)

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