Friday, March 26, 2010

New fabric, now just the time!

As I have mentioned before I am participating in a Mystery Block of the Month. I ordered the applique kit for this, LOVE the colors in it! Part 1 was released last month, and yesterday part 2 was released. Part 2 includes some piecing and there are 2 color combinations that you can choose if you desire, or you can get your own fabric. Well, I decided to look for my own fabric to make my quilt a 1 of a kind, and I must say I am super excited with what I found! We need only 2 colors, a light and a dark. So my light color is a pale green with darker green trees all over it; then there is the dark color choice. For this, I chose a leaf print in teals, blues, and greens. I think that the fabric will look stunning with the fabric from the applique kit. I am very excited to get started on this project! My goal is to have part 1 and 2 completed before part 3 comes out!

I am hoping to get a few solid hours of sewing in this weekend and hopefully finish up Kayne's wall hanging. This way, whatever project I start it will be guilt free :)

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