Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Learning some great things...this place is fantastic!

So I have been sewing for several years...20+ years (wow that makes me feel old...lol). But I am relatively new to quilting, only made my very first pieced quilt about a year ago. And I have quickly learned there is A LOT to learn about quilting. There seems to be several ways to get the same outcome and there seems to be new tricks to make piecing easier. There is just so much to learn, to try, to absorb.

A good friend, Bradie Sparrow, at A Quilty Kind of Girl, has been having Tutorial Tuesdays, and these are GREAT! These tutorials are very easy to follow, there are many pictures to follow along with, and I must say I have learned A LOT from these. Thank you Bradie for all of your time and effort that you have put into these tutorials for all of us :)

Bradie has also designed some amazing quilt patterns, and has them listed on her website QuiltCetera. These patterns are wonderful, you should pop over and check them out!


Anonymous said...

My goodness young lady! You have been very busy haven't you? ;) Perhaps you will bring your work of art when you come over on Saturday? Can't wait to see it...

Christine said...

Thanks Bradie!
I will bring it over on Saturday...even if all the applique is not finished :)