Monday, March 8, 2010

Need a bit more time!

So I have been getting some things done, but none of them are the BOM that I am participating in. Although I will get those done and soon I hope, the one project that I have been working on is a wall hanging for my husband. I have been promising to make it for him for a long time now, but other things came up, a quilt for our son, and then the 10 wall hangings I did for Christmas, the 6 aprons with embroidery on them also for Christmas. After Christmas it was the arrival of our new daughter Malaika. My husband has been so very kind and waiting for his to be done, so now I am trying to get it done for our Anniversary that is this 2 weeks actually! I am not sure if I will get it all done by then but I am going to do the best that I can in between the kids needs, the daily cleaning, and now the big spring clean. I can do it, right? Somehow I just need to find a few more hours a day, and that would give the the bit more time that I need :)

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