Saturday, May 5, 2012

Self Reflection

Sometimes life just gets so crazy, so much happens...good and bad, and sometimes we need to just stop, step back and take a look, and act.  This is where I am now, I am trying to to stop, step back, and look.

This last year has been non stop for me, but the last 3 months have been over to top. It was getting to the point that I was struggling to keep up with everything, staying focused was hard, sleep was minimal, and just overall, I was so overwhelmed with everything.

I did manage to alleviate one of the significant stressors, and started a new job a few weeks ago. Leaving the one place of employment was such a good choice, and removed a decent portion of negative stress. There is still stress with learning a brand new job, but I consider that more positive stress as its a new challenge and I am learning new things and growing as a person.

With being in such a funk, I find that even things around the house has slipped. I really REALLY need to purge A LOT of stuff. I feel that my place is over run, and cluttered. Its clean enough, but right now I really want the less is more. I feel that if I can purge at least 30% of everything (Hopefully more!!) that having the open clean space will help me in feeling refreshed....seeing less clutter hopefully will help with decluttering my mind.

As a result of everything, my balance of work/family/personal time/ has been out of whack. I do spend most of my time with the kids, which is tremendously important. But I think I need to try and steal a few minutes of time for myself, to give me a bit of a lift and refreshment.

I know what I would like, changes that need to be made, and the goals to be reached. Now comes the acting part. This seems to be the biggest challenge. Is it fear? Change? or plain and simple where do I start? There is the desire, the want, but not the energy, and the lack of time.

So, here is what I am thinking....DETERMINATION!!! I want to achieve things, I want to be out of the funk, I want to feel refreshed, and really, there is only one person that can do that, and that is ME!! I need to make a plan, and stick to it! So, I think tomorrow I will make a list of to do's, and then try to cross off 1 or 2 things a day. I think if I make all the tasks small and easy projects it will be more motivational. and the more I can cross off the more uplifting I think I will feel.

What do you all think?
How do you get yourself on track? and keep yourself focused?
What do you do to keep a happy lifestyle balance?

Here goes nothing, tomorrow will be day 1 of being  a better person, and achieving some goals!!

Om a good note, look at the sweet item I found, I am so gosh darn excited!! I have wanted one of these for so so long.
look at how pretty it is on the outside!

Look at all that room on the inside!!

It is in amazing shape, and what makes this even better is that I got it for $10.00!!! I am looking forward to filling it with some goodies!!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


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