Saturday, May 5, 2012


Some days you just get on a roll, and for me today was one of those!!

I managed to get all the vacuuming done, floors swept, bathroom cleaned, laundry washed/dried/and put away (all 3 in one day is a huge,  lawn mowed, grass seed put down, lawn watered, playing outside with the kids, games inside, cuddle time with all 3, and all errands done...phew what a productive day!

Tomorrow, hopefully I can get the rest of my "to do" cleaning list done for this weekend and maybe get a bit of time to do some sewing.

I will share a picture of what I am working on at the moment. More details will come on another post.

Have a good night all!!



Kristy QP said...

Ooh this is looking lovely! Great bright colours!

beaquilter said...

lovely quilt! love the bright colors and just noticed it's the same block, just turned, duh! clever.... your little pooch seems to like it too