Sunday, May 6, 2012

Need some blogging help please :)

Hello Everyone!!

I am seeking some help! It may be a simple thing, but to be honest I really have no idea how to reply to comments that are left on my blog :(  The only thing that I can figure out it to send a private email if the person who left a comment has an accessible email.  I have seen some blogs where you can post a reply right to the comment ( I hope that makes sense!)

I have had some truly amazing comments left, and I am super grateful for each and everyone, but I would like to thank people for them personally.  So if anyone can help me out that would really make my day!!!

Thanks you so much!!

Christine :)


Kristy QP said...

Most blogs I think reply privately to the email (presuming an email address is provided). That's what I do too. Can be a bit time consuming but it's fun having a bit of a chat with fellow crafty folks.

There is a setting on blogger that allows you to reply on your page, like you mentioned. The only thing I don't like about that is people don't get notified when you've replied to their comment. So unless they come back to check your comments on a particular post, they're not likely to see it. That's been my experience anyways!

Linda said...

When someone leaves a comment on my blog post, it goes directly to my main email and I reply that way. Some bloggers reply directly on the post but sometimes people never see that. Check your settings in Blogger...Comment Notification. Hope this helps.