Thursday, May 10, 2012

McCalls Design Star 2012

A few posts back, I mentioned I entered into the McCalls Design Star 2012 Contest.  The voting is still going on for the entry round.  I am hoping that I will advance to the next round, oh that would be so exciting.  This is the first time I have entered in this. There is such amazing talent out there! All the quilts are fabulous!!!

This is the one that I entered in for my entry quilt:

This quilt by far has been the most challenging piece I have done!! This was a "I can whip this off in a couple of weeks" kind of project! Well, over 2 years later I can say that it is FINALLY finished!  This piece if work, really pushed me out of my comfort zone. I like things rather symmetrical, rather balanced.  So the fact that this quilt is more "unbalanced" took a lot of work for me to position and like how it looked.  This step alone probably took me over 2 months. I would tweak it, add something, move it around, take away. Then I would put it away completely as I needed a break from

But before all of that, I had chosen these amazing fabrics, I fell in love with them and they look so great together...however the are NOT cotton! Silly me, they frayed, I used fusible interfacing which helped but it was still a large undertaking.

To add some more detail to this beauty, I did some decorative stitching, machine embroidery, and added some beads to it.

When this was all said and done, I LOVE IT!!! Would I ever make this least not with the fabrics I chose!!

There is a botton on the right side of my post that will take you right to my quilt if you would like to vote, and if you pop over there, check out all the hard work that was done!

Hope you all have a fabulous night!!


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