Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Super Excited!!

I am so darn excited, still rather speechless to be honest!

Alisa from Quiltish by Alisa Jacobs was having a give away, and I thought I would comment to get my name entered. Well, much to my amazement, I was the lucky winner.  Alisa's blog is wonderful!! And Alisa just published her first e-book, Rise & Shine. If you have a few extra moments, you should really hop on over to Quiltish by Alisa Jacobs and enjoy...such inspiration!!!


What did I enter in for...well an   GO! Baby Fabric Cutter from Accuquilt!! All I can say is OH MY GOSH, I AM SO DARN EXCITED!!!!

I had to choose 3 dies as well. I found that to be harder than anticipated as there are a lot that really caught my eye! But after some process of elimination, I finally decided on the GO! Rose of Sharon by Sharon Pederson, GO! Feathers, and the GO! Strip cutter-2 1/2". 

I have always wanted to get on of the cutters with the Rose of Sharon dies, and the GO! Feathers, but it was that last choice that I was having a hard time deciding on! I liked the GO! Critters (which would be great for using with my children), and the GO! Rag Square 5 1/4", the GO! Square-5", and there were a few more on that list.  I think I can anticipate a few more of these dies finding there way to my house now :)

Now, comes the waiting. I think now I have the motivation to get all the rest of the house cleaning/purging/organizing done. Cuz I certainly know that once that little package arrives, cleaning will be the last thing that I will want to be doing :)

Gosh darn, I am so excited....WOooooHOOOooooo :)

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quiltingnana said...

I am sure you will love your GO baby. I have a GO and use it all the time