Monday, September 5, 2011

Purging, rearranging, and organizing...

Well, the 3 wee ones have been keeping me very busy over the summer. And I must say it has been very enjoyable. Now, with fall just around the corner, I am getting into the swing of purging unused items, I have been rearranging furniture and rooms, doing some deep cleaning and getting the house completely organized.

So far, I have managed to get both the kids rooms almost done...just need to purge a bunch of toys! (Its amazing how many toys have accumulated over the last 4 years with 3 kids!!) I have steam cleaned the carpet and a arm chair, I have managed to set up a better cleaning routine that works so much better for me. And one of the best things is I have been able to stay caught up on the washing, drying, folding and putting away of laundry. And I must say with 3 kids there seems to be A LOT of laundry!!

I am hoping that with in the next few weeks, I will have a lovely little sewing area where I can leave my sewing machine out and projects readily available to work on. I am going to do my best to sew 15-30 minutes a day and see how much I can truly accomplish.  I have some simple little project ideas I would like to make for Christmas. I am also planning on making the girls new Christmas dresses, and something for the little man.

I am setting goals to have all projects done by the end of November so the entire month of December, I can be busy with the kids doing fun family activities!

Oh am I looking forward to the next few months to see how much I can actually get done!!

Hope everyone is doing well :)


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