Sunday, September 18, 2011

Oh my goodness....I won!!!!!

Things around my house are crazy busy on a daily basis. The 3 young ones require a large portion of my spare time. As a result, things I used to do on a regular basis are not much of an option right now. Two of these would be sewing, and blogging. Both of which I love and miss dearly, but the children come first.

Well the other day, I had some free time (the kids were playing nicely and not getting into mischief. LOL) and I sat down at the computer and read some of the blogs I follow on a regular basis. Well, Jeanette over at Inch Worm Fabrics was blogging about organizing the sewing space and asked what her readers do.  I replied that I as well am in the middle of cleaning/purging and organizing and that all my fabric will be going on a shelf.

Well, Jeanette was also going to do a mystery fabric exciting I thought!! And well, I WON!!! When I was notified, I was so shocked and surprised! I am so excited to see what arrives in the mail!

Inch Worm Fabrics has such an amazing blog!! I look forward to seeing new blog posts. Also, Inch Worm Fabrics has a store and OH MY GOODNESS, love the goodies that are there! Well worth the time to go and take a look!!

Jeanette, I just personally wanted to say thank you so much for having this give away and I am thrilled to have had my name picked! Looking forward to sharing with everyone what will be in the mystery package!!


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