Sunday, April 11, 2010

Kaylee and her pillow!!

Today, Kaylee and I worked on her special project, a Dora pillow. She was very excited to be doing some sewing and to be using mommy's sewing machine. I think this little girl was in heaven!! One day, when I have a sewing room, I think it better be rather large as I have a feeling there will be a few sewing machines in that room :)

So, this is both sides of the pillow and they are squared up and ready to be pinned together.

Here is Kaylee pinning the 2 sides of the pillow together. She did really well at this and did not poke her fingers at all! She is a quick learner and did most with very little help.

Kaylee sewing the pillow together. She was sitting on my knee, and I controlled the foot pedal. She guided most of the pillow with just a bit of help! I think she is a natural!! :)

She is very proud of herself!!

Here she is ironing the pillow! I was standing right beside her and we also had a very good talk about the iron being really hot! She did very well at this and kept her hands where they were safe! I am so proud of her!!

Stuffing the pillow! Kaylee had lots of fun with this!

Hand stitching the opening closed. I would put the needle in and pull it out a bit and Kaylee would do the rest!

More of us hand stitching the pillow closed!

And Kaylee showing off the finished product! She is one very proud girl!!

Since the pillow was finished she has proudly shown the family what she made, and has not let it of her sight or arms for that matter! Tonight in bed, she is sleeping with her Dora pillow!

I am so proud of Kaylee and happy that she loves her very first project!!


Brenda Mitchell said...

Oh my gosh! My oldest grand daughter is such a talented little girl and does she ever look proud of herself!!!

Wendy Zenchyson said...

She is so talented.. just like her mommy!! You better start saving for the new sewing machine for her :)

Anonymous said...

wow way to go Kaylee and Christine! She really does look like a little natural. luv your blog! Sue:)

Barb said...

YOu are such a good patient....tell her her pillow is wonderful!