Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Getting things done...woohoo

One step at a time I am getting things done!! Kaynes quilt, all the applique is done, now to quilt and bind. Have made one tutu for demo purposes which turned out great, and have made another one! (only a few more to go, for now anyway).

That does not seem like a lot to have accomplished, but in my house that is a lot....woohooo!! Now to continue focusing on that to do list and try to get it even shorter..and that may work, if I would stop adding projects to it :)

Now for some other exciting news. You should all hop over to A Quilty Kind of Girl Designs. Bradie Sparrow is having a great give away! She is giving away a Make Life Layer Cake...how exciting is that! And while you are there, today she posted her Tuesday Tutorial...using Mistyfuse to baste large quilts to be quilted. Love this idea and I can not wait to get my hands on some of this wonderful stuff :)

Back to that to do list now, lets see what else I can get done!

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