Monday, October 10, 2011

Phew....made it through the last 2 weeks!

Whoa, the last 2 weeks have been crazy!!

First of all my twins turned 4!! Wow where did that time go! They are growing up so fast!! The weekend before their birthday was busy with 2 parties...and the second party was held later in the day for a smaller crowd, so I cooked a full meal for everyone! Phew, was I tired, but WOW was dinner tasty!!  Then as a result of such a busy weekend, the birthday girl and boy were over tired.  So there were a few nights of early bed time!!

Then this weekend in Canada was Thanksgiving. Well another 2 days of family, fun and tasty food!  Was a great time!! I am so very thankful for my 3 precious babies. They are all healthy, growing and smart children. They really are my world!

And to end the weekend, I stopped by my mailbox, and found a sweet little slip saying that I have a package at the post office...hopefully I will get there tomorrow and see what is awaiting me :)

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