Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Tutu's are done!

Well I have completed the custom order for Tutu's. And I must say that I am very happy with the way that they all turned out! It was a change to have a large order like this. Usually I do one or two, but this ended up being for 11 Tutus! I was happy to get them all done with in a few days of confirming the order!

These are the wands that I made to go with the Tutu's

Here are all 11 of the Tutu's together

close up of one of the Tutu's
The lady who ordered these came and picked them up this morning and was very happy, and that made my day!

And to make my day better, I received a message from someone who would like to place an order for dance class! They would like to see a sample in person and then decide from there! How exciting!!

I have also begun the new baby blanket, which I am hoping to have completed tomorrow!

It really is a great feeling to be back to sewing and my crafting


Barb said...

Those tutu's are adorable and so glad it is leading to other things for you. The wands just add that touch.

tiny said...

You have make beautifull tutu"s!!!!!
Greetings Tiny