Thursday, February 17, 2011

Patiently waiting.....

Last week I was busy making a few things, and I managed to get everything done with time to spare. You see I am waiting for the announcement of the arrival of the newest family member. We know its a little boy and I am so excited to be an Auntie again!!!

This past weekend we held a baby shower for my sister in law, and I for this I made a couple of things. One was a blanket (which our family has named Budzy's) and I also made a diaper cake. Also, several people pitched in and we bought her a stroller/car seat combo, some sleepers, a monitor and diapers. The mommy to be was so happy and greatly appreciative of everything.

Today she has gone into the hospital for an induction, so now we wait....I hope my littlest nephew decides to arrive soon!

So, here is what I made :)

Budzy (baby blanket)

front and back of the budzy

close up of the fabric I used for the front of budzy

Picture of the diaper cake. I usually add more to these, but we opted for very simple as it was the table center piece :)

Hopefully soon I will be able to post some pictures of my new wee nephew on his budzy!!

Hope you all have a wonderful day!!


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Barb said...

Love your quilt and diaper exciting.