Thursday, December 2, 2010

quick little update!

Well after a wee break and a chance to refocus, I figured out how I was going to fix things to the candle mats would work. I did try "stretching" the fabric to make it fit and then starching it rather well. It did work, however, I still knew that it was not the best I could have done. So I added another strip. Cut it 1", so once it was sewn in with the 1/4 seams, it would fill that 1/2" I was out.

Well this worked perfectly!!! I managed to get all 7 mats completed (tops anyway) and this weekend I will quilt them. I am still deciding if I am going to bind them or just pillowcase turn them.  I do really like the looks of binding, but I also have a quilt for my daughter to make, and finish my husbands wall hanging (which will have a good deal of hand stitching), and a few bags to make. And yes I need all of this for Christmas.

On the bright side all the projects are if my 3 sweet wee ones would be oh so nice to let me get things done, things would go much faster!!  But I can not pass up all those sweet cuddles and smiles and hugs!!

I will get the camera out tomorrow I hope to get some pictures taken!!

Night all!

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tiny said...

Great you have finisd al 7 candle mat. Lots of succes with the other projects.