Saturday, December 31, 2011


I just wanted to wish everyone a Very Happy New Year!! May 2012 be an exceptional year for everyone!!

So what is everyone's New Years Goals?

For me, I am trying to keep it simple:
1. to be the best mom that I can to my 3 children
2. To live, love, and laugh more
3. Try to get a bunch more sewing done (however, that is dependent on the needs of the 3
4. Do a massive purge and reorganization of my home (there really is way to much stuff!!!)

I am hoping for 2012 to be an exceptional year! The end of 2011 was rough, but I have done fairly well to adjusting to being a single mom, and I am determined to make 2012 a successful year on many different levels!! I can do it!!

Here is to wishing everyone a healthy, happy, and successful upcoming year!!!!



tiny said...

Also from the Netherlands Happy New Year.

Sue H said...

Wishing you a WONDERFUL 2012! Sue H.