Saturday, April 16, 2011

been super busy!!

There has been sew much going on!! And sadly, blogging had to be put to the side :(

Here is a quick bit of a run down. I was commissioned out by a dance studio to create and sew a costume for 1 dance class, and then several tutus for another dance class.

For the costume, I have to say it took me longer than I had anticipated. There was no pattern for what the class wanted, So, I drafted up a pattern and thought "WOW, was that ever easy!! However, the prototype was HUGE!! So back to the drawing board I went. long story short, it took me a few times to get it right. And then, once things were to the right size, I was busy getting everything sewn, and ready for delivery! This costume that was needed was to resemble the jacket of a children's story book character "Madeline".  I must say, when everything was said and done, they turned out well. There are things I would have still liked to improve on. But for drafting a first pattern, I think it was pretty good. Most importantly, the girls and their parents were extremely happy with them :)

Front view of the Jacket.  My little model was about 2 sizes smaller that the class that needs them. So that is why it looks rather big and baggy on her :)

Back view of the jacket

The tutus were all the same, red with some black. I needed to make 12 of those.

12 of these were needed for the one class. All of them identical

Then, among all of that, it was decided that I need to go back to work full time, so I had to find daycare for the 3 young ones, and also a full-time job...both in which I was successful with!  To make it special for the older 2, together we made them a special backpack. My daughters was a Tinkerbell, and my sons was a Disney Cars! Both of them are well loved and I must say I am very happy that it made their day!! For these darling backpacks I used a pattern from the Moda Bake Shop here. I did alter the pattern a bit to suit our needs :)

Both backpacks completed

Close up of front

View of the back

I have also seriously debated in entering into the McCalls Quilt Design Star 2011.  And I think I may have the perfect entry...just a few more things to do to it and then pictures :)

And finally, I am done sketching a secret project that I am very excited about!!!

Oh, these next 2 weeks are going to be very busy, but will be well worth it!!

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tiny said...

You er a very busu woman, and you sew a nice costume , I sew also cloths for other people and usally it took longer than you think. I'm curious about you secret project.
Greetings Tiny