Sunday, May 30, 2010

Wow what craziness!!!

So it has been a few weeks since my last blog post! I am such a bad blogging buddy! Hopefully things are back on track and I can keep things up dated!

Where to begin! Well I have been busy trying to get hubbys quilt done...decided to just do Sashiko on it, and then the binding. I do have the sashiko patterns picked out and how I will position things so now it is to just sit down and do it!

I entered a little contest on facebook with Rjr Fabrics. The contest was to use only Jinny Beyer border prints. This is what I came up with:

I really had fun with this project, I had no pattern, just a vision in my mind. I did a lot of sewing and then a fair amount of unsewing, but when all said and done I think it turned out pretty good. Now to wait and see how I did in the contest :)

In the bit of time that I was reading through blogs I entered in for a give away that Jen from ReannaLily Designs was hosting (this is what I entered for) and I was the lucky winner!! I can not wait to get these beautiful FQ's!! They are GORGEOUS!! What a treat it will be to have something that is not even in the stores yet!! Jen's Blog is AMAZING, you should all go and read it! Again, thanks Jen!!!

This has also been a busy month for birthdays! 2 nieces and 1 nephew all celebrated their birthday this month. For my nieces, I made each of them a tutu. They absolutely LOVED them. After the girls opened them, they put them on, and wore them pretty much for the rest of the evening!

These pictures do not do t justice for the colors...this one was a bright pink, vivid purple, blue and white.
This one was done in a soft pink, purple and blue!
I have also been busy making some cakes, this is the most recent cake that I have made, and it was for a 40th wedding anniversary!

I have also been creating blocks for 2 different Siggy Block there are 174 blocks, and the other one there is 101 blocks. For the swap with the 174 blocks, I have all the pieces cut out, and now to just sew, sign, and square up. The swap with 101 blocks...well I have the fabric, so lots to do still!

Along with all of that being done, I had 3 sick kidlets (3 under the age of 3 I may add). Needless to say, things around here have been crazy!! Here was my little man, he was so sick, he fell asleep 2 hours after waking up in the morning. This is when he was watching his all time favorite movie "Cars". He tries hard to miss naps and NEVER sleeps during that movie. Poor little guy!!

Well, I think that is everything that has been going on! I am hoping that the craziness will slow down for awhile now. I am going to be focusing on getting some projects all finished and start on some new ones!!

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